HP VH240a Detailed Review by a Professional in 2022

If you are looking for an all-rounder monitor that will not make you regret your choice? Then your search is over now, and HP VH240a is your answer! Yes, The HP VH240a FHD 23.8-inch IPS is an attention-worthy monitor that will not disappoint you at all. It is a budget-friendly monitor that has an adjustable stand and comes with amazing picture quality, has built-in speakers, a high-resolution IPS panel with a bezel-less sleek design, and impressive RGB color coverage.

Overall it a complete package; let’s have an HP VH240a review that will help you further in making your decision.

Key features:

Screen size
23.8 inches
FHD 1080P
Display technology
Monitor brand
Display resolution
1920 x 1080 pixels
Screen luminance
250 cd/m2
Contrast ratio
10.3 lbs.
Adjustable stand
Tilt adjustments
1 year

Apart from a technical HP VH240a review, we want to add this point that HP VH240a has distinctive features indifferent to all other budget monitors, and the most important of them is the high contrast ratio of the IPS panel and astonishing sRGB colour coverage also the ergonomic stand is with several tilt options is quite unmatched with all other monitors of this range. Now let’s get to the HP VH240a review.

Design: screen and the adjustable stand:

HP VH240a has a very decent looking and attractive design that include a portable and ergonomic stand. Talking about the screen, it is a 24 inches IPS display that has a 90-degree rotation option. That means you can rotate the screen up to 90 degrees angle. The monitor comes with very slender bezels on the three sides of the screen because the one on the bottom is quite thin but, that is not an issue. These ultra-sleek bezels will provide a wide and virtually frameless display. The screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9; also, it is an anti-glare display. Which will; help you to work well in the bright light as well. This is important if you have a computer set up near a window.

In this back, there are HP VH240a speakers; they are two-watt speakers, they are not of that high quality and will not shock you regarding their performance.

Every one of us has different sound level priorities while watching movies or playing games. Although they do not produce that high-quality sound effects, HP VH240a speakers are complimenting the monitors at such an affordable price.

Ergonomic stand:

Now coming to the masterly skilled, ergonomic stand that will provide you 4-viewing adjustments.  The stand is square in shape, and it’s about 9 x 9 inches. Standadjustments are very important but, unluckily not all developers pay heed towards this matter. It is important in the way that if you are working for long hours, then you for sure need the monitor’s height adjustments according to your posture. So, HP VH240a provides you with 90 % screen rotation from portrait to landscape and vice versa. But it will take you few minutes because there are four screws on the back of the stand and then rotate it from landscape to portrait just by tightening the bolts. The monitor provides 178 degrees viewing angles responsible to put forward the best image quality from every angle.

Generally speaking, for every product, the design is one of the most important aspects for the developers to portray their abilities. It’s the tool to attract customers. HP VH240a gas rocked the standard design with all the essential features. VESA mounting option will help you to mount the monitor on the wall, and also, you have the option to connect it with other computer set-ups.

Well, we have uploaded full reviews on Monitor Lcds to let you choose the monitor of your choice.

Monitor setting-up process:

HP VH240a has a very simple and convenient setup; it does not require any technical knowledge, nor do you need too many tools for the setting. There are three main components of the installation process: base, upright, and the monition itself. The package is quite easy to unfold; it is just wrapped up in a thin sheet. First, you have to connect the upright with the stand, and then the stand will be directly connected to the monitor. All you have to do is tighten few flat screws.

Visual quality: FHD 1080P IPs display:

One of the most important parts of this HP VH240a review is to put the amazing image quality that the monitor offers. As mentioned earlier, HP VH240a has a high definition ultra-wide 1080p display that comes with a combination of 60 frames per second. When we say resolution, it’s all about the number of horizontal pixels and the vertical pixels of the screen; the higher the number sharper the images will be. So, if we look at HP VH240a, the monitor has 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in length. Mostly for a 27-inch display, 1920 x 1080p is considered to be a standard of “good quality image.” So this full HD will ensure maximum screen space and sharpness.

HP VH240a supports an IPS panel, and we all know that the IPS panels have a very good reputation for making quite sharp and lively images. The IPS display offers very good viewing angles. This feature will assist you a lot if you are using the display at a workstation because this will help your colleagues sitting or stand behind or beside you to have the same image clarity as you are having while sitting right in front of it.

This monitor supports a 72 % sRGB colour gamut. That is not super amazing, but still, in HP VH240a price, it is more than enough. Before getting into its details, let’s get to know something about what is sRGB. sRGB stands for “standard red, green and blue.” This is a colour space that explains the range of the colours display. It gives us information about the colours that the screen can hold. After performing a colour-accuracy test, it is clear that the display has an impressive gamut coverage of 99.4 %. This is a standard level display that is not less than the Adobe RGB unless your eye is expert in this aspect.

Working performance of HP VH240a:

HP VH240a comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which can be considered as a standard refresh rate for a 1920 x 1080 p display. Refresh rate means how many frames you can see on your screen per second (Hz). Although this refresh rate is not bad either, but the gamers prefer a slightly higher rate that will provide them much smoother gameplay. But still, it is not a bad choice; when combined with a response time of 5 milliseconds, the monitor makes quite a good combo. Sadly, the monitor is not supporting AMD FreeSyn, which is capable of providing variable refresh rates.

Monitor also supports a low-blue light filter that is capable of regulating the brightness when exposed to a brightness level of 100 %.

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Connectivity and ports:

Talking about the connectivity, HP VH240a several options. When you unbox the monitor, you will find different types of cords, such as the main cord that we connect with the wall, the adopter that connects that cord to the actual monitor, then there is double-sided 3.5-millimetre audio cables and an HDMI cable that will help you to connect any of the HDMI devices to the computer.

The power access point and the VGA and HDMI ports are present at the back of the monitor. They have the accessibility to connect with the VESA mount. Owing to the HDCP support, the monitor allows to connect any laptops or other computer set-ups. For the gamers or the coders, some of the time, it is quite important to connect multiple setups altogether. The same connectivity option you will get with HP VH240a.


As we have mentioned earlier, HP VH240a is quite budget-friendly. It comes in a price range of $110. This is quite affordable with a 1080p UHD IPS display that offers you such amazing image quality. A very adjustable ergonomic stand with variable adjustment options. And also, the colour gamut and the contrast ratio is quite high. In short, this is a pretty good deal with all the necessary features. You will not regret your purchase. HP VH240a has fully acted upon the quote that says, “you get what you pay for.”

Comparison with other 24-inch monitors:

If you want an update to your monitor setup and looking for 24 inches? Then you will found a large number of products present out there. You will come across several monitors with the same resolution, size, and IPS panel. For example, if you compare HP VH240a with Acer R240HYbidx, let’s see what we found. About the price comparison, Acer RH240HY is another 24 inch IPS monitor with the same resolution, and the market price of this Acer monitor is also priced apron $110. But still, we do not think that this monitor is comparable to HP VH240a because, despite having a good image display, it does not have the ergonomic strand, no height adjustments can be done, and it also lacks VESA compatibility.

Peculiar features:

Similar to every other product HP VH240a also has some peculiar features, which are also a part of our HP VH240a review.

  1. The most remarkable feature of this product is the adjustable height stand. And the ergonomic stand. Not every stand is capable of providing such diverse adjustments. This versatile stand offers tilt adjustments by -5 degrees, 30 degrees, screen elevation can be done up to 130 mm, and it can be swivel by 360 degrees. You can also VESA mount it on a wall or with other computer setups.
  2. HP VH240a is 72 % sRGB compatible due to which gives very impressive image quality.
  3. 178-degree viewing angles will make sure to produce the best images irrespective of the angle you are looking at.
  4. The monitor does not have a USB port, but the ultra-sleek bezel which is there to provide you with multiple connectivities. If your work demands your monitor to be connected with several other devices, then the bezel-less screen will make it sure for you.

PCMag Editors’ Choice award:

Recently, three budget friend monitors have won the PCMag Editors’ Choice award. The award is given to the monitors that put forward more than the typical necessary features at the same budget-friendly price. Number one of them is Samsung CF396, specifically known for the curved screen and mini-joystick controller. Second comes the LG 24MP88HV-S that has VGA ports, and also it features two HDMI ports and has a 5-watt speaker that made it well suited for the second rank. LG 24MP88HV-S has been well manufactured according to the current demands of the market; therefore, it also supports an outward-facing port, a very beautiful bezel-free design, and similar to the first rank monitor, it also exhibits a joy-stick controller. Finally, the third on the list is HP 24mh, which features a two-watt built-in speaker, a stand that has all the height, tilt, and pivotal adjustments, and a display port connector. HP VH240a has all the mentioned features of the third-ranked monitor, but it only lacks one thing, and that is the display port connector. Still, HP VH240ais a worthy choice.

Now let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the monitor.


  • High-resolution FHD 27 inches display.
  • Fully adjustable, ergonomic stand that has all the tilt, height, and pivot adjustments.
  • Outstanding sRGB coverage.
  • 2-watt built-in HP VH240a speakers.
  • IPS panel with high contrast ratio and excellent viewing angles.
  • Very decent and subtle design with bezel-less Ultra-wide screen.
  • Anti-glare coating on the screen.
  • One year warranty.
  • Very affordable but offering all the features of an expensive monitor.


  • It does not have any display port.
  • HP VH240a is not AMD Free Synccompatible.
  • Speakers are slightly week.

Buying Guide:

Buying a monitor is not a piece of cake; you have to keep in mind all of your requirements for the monitor; next, you have to match what you need with what you find. If you are a professional person, you can not just go into an electronic shop and pick out the first one available on the shelf. In this way, you will not waste your money but also your energy. So there are several key points that every person should keep in mind before planning and going to buy a new monitor.

So after the HP VH240a review, we have brought you a guide that will for sure help you while buying a new monitor for yourself.


Well, Resolution always plays an important role in making the difference between a good monitor and an okay monitor. Resolution is characterized by the number of pixels that the monitor screen display in an image. You can take a 1920 x 1080p resolution as a start-up. But always try to go for a 4k resolution aimed at advanced works like photo editing, graphic designing, or gaming.

Screen size:

Screen size is another essential for making a monitor choice. The most common size is 27 inches. That is quite okay for regular work. But these days, you can get even a 70 inches monitor, quite big! Right? According to the experts, a 32-inch display has an ideal distance-to-size ratio for the human eye. So it will suit you well.

Panel type:

Most commonly, three types of Panels are offered by the developers in the market, one is TN-panel and the second one is IPS panel. TN panels will offer you the best gaming experience. But taking about the colour production, viewing angles, and the overall image quality, the TN panels are far behind the set standards. IPS panels are usually known for slightly better colour production and the best viewing angles, but they lack contrast ratio and are a bit expensive. Third, the VA panels have superb contrast, quite affordable but lacking on the side of viewing angles and colour production. So choose carefully what is best for you.

Connectives and price:

While making a choice, you should also have a look at the connectivity options the monitor will offer. HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports are the must-haves for any monitor. Last but not least, always go to check the price range before making any choice.

Bottom line:

HP VH240a is an amazing choice; either you are looking for a home or office work monitor. It will be there as a complete package at a very approachable price. Since it is a convertible monitor, so it is a good choice for the withers, coders, and the programmers because they can view more lines on a vertical screen as compared to the horizontal one. When two monitors will be placed side by side, it will provide a frameless viewing display due to the bezel-free design. Moreover, the amazing image quality and the high resolution will not let you down. And shockingly, you will get all these at a quite reasonable price. And we hope that the above-mentioned HP VH240a review has helped you a great deal.

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